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Pool Safety: 3 Pool Fencing Types for Your Home

pool fence

pool fenceThe recent Royal Life Saving (RLS) National Drowning Report revealed that the number of unintentional drowning deaths in swimming pools increased by 95%. What’s more alarming is that most victims were children under the age of five. Even though pool safety is a leading concern among households, incidents like these still keep on occurring.

If you don’t want this to happen, then the ideal thing to do is to keep little kids away from an unsupervised pool. Here are some types of pool fences you can choose from:

#1. Interior Fence
If you want to leave the backyard open for get-togethers and BBQ parties, then this is the right choice. It allows you to maximise space, while promoting safety around the pool area. All you need is to install the proper fence height to prevent anybody, especially children, from climbing.

Home improvement sites, such as Houzz and Better Homes and Gardens (BHG), and custom-made manufacturers like Perth City Glass, say that glass fencing is the simplest yet stylish way to secure the pool area. It goes well with any pool size, shape, and type because its transparency doesn’t have to complement anything.

#2. Perimeter Fence
Secure the backyard with a perimeter fence that follows the local requirements and regulations to keep people far away from the pool. When a child goes near the pool, they might play with the fencing locks and latches. If they were able to unlock these, then they’re at risk of drowning if ever they fall. A perimeter fence can prevent these risks, although you have to reduce the possible spaces that children could play.

#3. Removable Fence
Many homeowners believe that pool fences affect the aesthetics of their property. They would rather not have them at all. Fortunately, not all pool fences are permanent. There are types that you can fold, install, or put away when necessary. This allows you to use the entire backyard whenever there’s a pool party or any event.

A swimming pool is a good addition to any home, but you should be responsible for its risks as well. Depending on the use of your backyard, decide on the type of fence that’ll work with your property to keep everyone safe.

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Organized Garage: Steps to a Clutter-Free and Functional Space

garage builders

garage buildersGarages are often seen as the space to stash everything that won’t fit in your home. They are commonly used for storing bikes, yard tools, defective equipment, and other unnecessary bits of clutter. If you’re using your garage as a dumping zone, chances are it is in dire need of a serious overhaul.

Follow these tips to turn your garage from a cluttered area to an organized and functional space.

Categorize Items

Common categories may include sports equipment, home décor, garden tools, and camping gear. Use cardboard boxes or containers to group items together. Make sure to label all containers and not the shelf where items are stored. This is the best way to keep things organized and in the right place at all times.

Think About the Layout

Garage builders from Wright’s Shed Co. and renovation experts suggest determining the best possible layout for the space. Decide where you want to store specific items by considering their purpose and available space. Think about how you frequently use those things when deciding where to put them; do not put things you use often on the bottom of a stack.

Donate or Throw Away Items

When cleaning the space, you may discover random items and not know what to do with them. If you want to keep them, place the items in a visible area for easier recall. If you think that you no longer need those things, create a trash or donation pile.

Use Built-in Cabinets

Install storage cabinets in the garage if needed. Use wall-mounted pegboards and grid panel systems that can hold different items. Make sure there are enough shelves to store items, but make sure not to cover every wall. You can also the use overhead space to create open storage.

Restore order in the space by trying these tips. If you still think that you have many items that you can’t throw, sell, or donate, consider building a detached garage to keep those things in place.

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Proper Ventilation for Effective Home Cooling

air ventilationConstant heat is a reality, especially in the Land Down Under. Proper ventilation cools a home minus the excessive energy costs.

The following is a discussion on how proper ventilation can prevent heat build-up and keep you and your family healthy and comfortable.

Ventilation and Cooling

Ventilation refers to the supply of fresh air to a room or building. Flowing air prevents the build-up of harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide, which can lead to health risks and structural damages. Proper ventilation also involves as the use of things like attic insulation, roof reflectivity, and shading from trees.

The goal of proper ventilation is to remove excess heat. Maintaining a steady temperature keeps your air conditioner working efficiently and improves comfort at home.

Avoiding Heat Build-up

Simple ways to keep your home cool include avoiding heat-generating activities and using spot ventilation. To avoid heat build-up at home, it is important to think about all aspects, including the landscaping. Insulating the house to the recommended levels can also keep out the heat outside and reduce the workload for your air conditioner.

Close all doors and windows whenever the temperature outside reaches higher levels. Installing shades is also helpful in blocking out sunlight.

The Use of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans effectively circulate air around the room to create a wind chill effect. Whether you’re using a ducted air conditioner or portable AC, a ceiling fan can help lower the temperature. You can install fans in rooms with poor ventilation.

When purchasing ceiling fans, check the noise rating and listen to the fan in operation. The better fan will operate quietly and experiences less trouble. You can choose to have window fans, which use little energy and provide effective cooling regardless of the weather.

Save more money on your cooling bills by maintaining proper ventilation at home. Consult air conditioning experts to learn more ways on maintaining proper ventilation and keeping your AC running efficiently.

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Mid-year Celebrations


fireworksBased on many history books, fireworks were discovered when a Chinese cook accidentally spilled saltpetre in a cooking fire. The white crystalline condiment, which is referred to as potassium nitrate, created an interesting flame. This sparked the idea of mixing it with charcoal and sulphur to produce an exploding substance, which was later tagged as the gunpowder.

When talking about fireworks, the first thing that would probably come into your mind is the New Year celebration. In some countries that celebrate the occasion, people would always light up the sky with fireworks. Good fireworks can be costly, however, which is why some people settle for more affordable alternatives.

Industry mainstay fireworksinternational.co.uk says cheap fireworks UK residents buy should still meet the standard. You must make sure that the low-priced pyrotechnics you purchase are still safe to use. Statistics show that there was quite a drop in the number of accidents caused by fireworks from 97 injured persons in 2007 to just six individuals in 2013.

When handling fireworks, always be extra careful. This data is good news as fireworks are used in almost every occasion today. It has been typically just for New Year’s Eve celebrations before.

Wedding Days

Fireworks are probably most used during this event, especially involving renowned couples. It adds to the festive ambiance of the occasion and lightens up not just the sky but also the mood.

Corporate Events

Big companies usually celebrate the anniversary of their business, specifically if it is more than 10 years already. Lighting up the sky is the best way to cap off the night.

Significant Events

These include birthdays, graduation day, and other specific happenings. This is common in royal families and celebrities.

Christmas Day

This is one of the most festive events in the country. There are different traditions in specific places, but what is common is the use of fireworks.

Fireworks uplift the spirits of many people. It is just right to use it on every festive occasion apart from New Year. Being more vigilant and cautious will prevent accidents from happening. Ensure a safe and merry night so you can enjoy the view and the event.

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Take It from the Dragon Lady: Fashion Lessons You’ll Only Learn From Miranda Priestly

designer dress

designer dressWhat if Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada was your boss? Would that make your life a living hell? Possibly; but once you have graduated from the position, her insults about your fashion taste would’ve probably already turned you into a chic, well-dressed woman ready to take on the world.

You probably saw the movie way back in 2006, but there is something about Miranda Priestly that many women, even you, just can’t get over. It’s her philosophies about fashion, which are as applicable today as they were more than ten years ago.

Take the time to revisit the best fashion lessons from the Dragon Lady:

You Are What You Wear

Most people think fashion doesn’t matter. They think fashion, style, and clothes are the insignificant things that have no meaning in the real world. Every time you dress yourself, however, you are actually sending a message to the people you come across. That message could be one of two things—“I don’t care about how I look”, or “I’m fabulous. Deal with it.”

Define Your Signature Style

The key to achieving a classy and elegant Miranda Priestly look is knowing what you like and what you look best in—then sticking to it. For example, if you rock designer prints, make it a staple in your wardrobe. Stuff your closet with chic printed pants, printed tops, or printed designer dresses from Talulah.com.au. If basics are your thing, then stock up on items from your favourite brand and wear one of each every day. That signature style will become part of who you are and what you stand for.

Pay Attention to Detail

Not paying attention to the little details can break your style. The most high-end designer dress will not send the right signal if you pair it with a fashionably offensive pair of shoes or scrappy handbag. You need to invest in quality, if not signature pieces to improve your everyday style.

Take a Chance

Sometimes a simple wardrobe change can make all the difference. Even if you love that comfortable pair of jeans, if it doesn’t suit you well, change it. Even if you love that skirt your grandmother gave you, but it is a fashion nightmare, it might be best to keep it hidden in your closet instead.

Even if you are still trying to learn about “this stuff”, not caring about fashion is simply unacceptable if you want to be your own Miranda Priestly. Like her, your wardrobe should reflect the power broker that you are. That’s all.

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Flat vs. Pitched: Which Roofing Is Right for You?


roofingWhether you’re planning to replace or install a new roof, you have to decide which option is better for your house. Different roofing materials are available and these all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the choice depends on your preferences and the needs of your home. Here’s a comparison to help you decide:


Flat roofs are ideal for modern, contemporary houses because of the neat and stylish look. As a flat roof’s surface isn’t visible from the ground, it’s easier to hide flaws that you can’t repair immediately.

Pitched roofs are for displaying roofing materials like laminated or wooden slates, shingles, and tiles. In addition, this style allows homeowners to add an attic, depending on the height of its slope. You’ll have an extra room for either storage or recreation.


Flat roofs are easier to maintain because you can climb the roof without risks. George Parsons Roofing shares that you would have more opportunities to check if there are clogged drains and gutters or if the surface material is peeling off. There’s no need to hire professionals for cleaning services, as you can do everything yourself.

Pitched roofs, on the other hand, don’t need regular inspections because water puddles are less likely to form. Although it’s difficult to inspect since the slopes make the roof dangerous to climb.


Flat roofs are cost-effective, so it’s a good choice for households on a budget. If you live in an area that experiences severe weather conditions often, the money you’ll save on installation might go to its future repairs. As flat roofs don’t have slopes, water puddles could form and cause leaks.

Pitched roofs are more costly, but are less prone to leaks because of the slope variations. The slopes allow water to flow down into the gutter completely, so you won’t need to pay for repairs frequently.

The choice between a flat and pitched roof depends on the look you want for your home. An important deciding factor is also your dedication to inspect and keep it in good condition.

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Time For a Bathroom Makeover


bathroomYour bathroom is one of the most functional areas in your home. This is why it is only ideal to upgrade it from time to time. Bathroom makeovers is no different from renovating or remodelling your bedroom or your kitchen. You need to plan everything first to make sure you’re on the right track. This includes the materials you need to use, your budget, the design you want to achieve, and many more.

Industry veteran Select Solutions offers some tips to homeowners:

Choosing the right flooring

For easier maintenance, it is advisable to go for porcelain or glazed tiles. Avoid porous natural stone tiles like limestone. Unless sealed vigilantly, they can easily get stained. Take into consideration tiles with textured surfaces, matte finishes, or sand to prevent slips. These materials can easily dry up water spills and drips. Another option is to use small tiles with grout lines, which provide better traction.

Getting the right measurements

Before buying any bathroom item, it is advisable to get the exact measurements of the area. Usually, you can fit a sink and toilet into an 11 or 12-square foot spot. To make it more comfortable, try to maximise the area to 3 to 4 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet long.

Upgrading the wiring

You will need to upgrade your wiring as well. If you’re still using the 15-amp in your bathroom, it’s time to make some changes. Switch to 20-amp circuit so you can use other devices like electric razors, hair blower, or hair straightening irons.

Adding more storage

Small storage counters can not only improve the overall look of your bathroom, as these are very functional. Keeping your accessories in small counters can make things look more organised. Another option is to build in-wall shelves. You can simply add framing between the studs in the walls for the shelves. This can also make your bathroom look more spacious.

While DIY projects can help you save money, it is always better to consult a professional. There are many service providers offering bathroom renovations. Browse their website and read reviews about them. Check out their projects with their previous clients to gauge the quality of their services.

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It’s a Lead-Pipe Cinch: 3 Environmental Challenges in the Pipeline Industry


pipelineThe environment is an important consideration in any construction project. The weather conditions, as well as the type of terrain, greatly affect the time spent getting things done, and also impacts the total cost of the project.

Many pipeline construction sites in Australia are located in areas that experience severe weather conditions and have uneven terrains, which often lead to a number of problems in the pipeline project.

Here are some of the challenges seen in most pipeline construction sites:


Heat, rain, cold temperatures, and even major events like hurricanes are big challenges for the pipeline industry. Not only do the adverse weather conditions hinder continuous operations, they also pose risks to workers onsite. Machinery, tools, materials, and the pipeline may incur damages as well because of these unwanted events.

This is especially true if you are using substandard pipes, pump stations, and sewer trunks. According to McFadyen Group and other construction experts, it is important to look for durable construction equipment and come up with an emergency plan to avoid potential damages and minimise operational delays.

Elevation Changes

Elevation changes also pose a major challenge to those in the pipeline industry. Even with a few, small hills, digging pipelines through changing elevations can still involve a number of complications during the process. The reason is that it is difficult to maintain a steady depth, and with uneven land, getting the equipment right into place can be much more difficult.

Clearing Land and Rocky Terrain

The first thing to do is dig out much of the land to secure the pipeline. This process could also involve removing heavy rocks and boulders, which are more difficult to dig out and excavate than regular soil. It involves digging roots and levelling trees as well, especially in mountainous areas. This significantly adds to the labour, as well as the time, costs, and resources needed to complete the construction project.

Rocky terrain is also difficult to access for workers and machinery, so you may need advanced equipment if it seems difficult and time-consuming to clear the area.

Pipeline construction is a very complicated, labour-intensive, and long process. There are a number of challenges you need to overcome along the way, and when you do overcome them, the infrastructure can meet its full production potential.

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Implementing Safe Practices in the Workplace Effectively


workplaceWorkplace health and safety precautions are important no matter what industry your business is in. It can benefit both you as the employer and your employees, too.

When it comes to business like this, it’s important to have a set of procedures like the take 5 checklist from BSPrint.com.au in place to keep the workplace safe and to prevent fatal occupational injuries. Take the necessary steps to take care of health and safety concerns before it’s too late.


Hazards can stem from either behaviours or substances that are potentially dangerous and may cause injury or harm to employees. Exposure to these hazards depends on the type of workplace and industry; for example, it can be poisonous chemicals or infectious diseases. If your workplace has these hazards, you must have a set of specific safety procedures to follow if an emergency occurs. Make sure your employees know what they are supposed to do during such scenarios.


Countries have different administrations responsible for implementing laws about workplace health and safety. They can conduct investigations, assessments, and receive complaints from employees. Following established safety standards and guidelines will benefit you and keep staff members safe.


Health and safety programs are important to prevent illnesses and injuries in the workplace. You must educate your workers on why practicing appropriate workplace behaviours is always the right thing to do. Discuss how unwanted situations can significantly decrease the company’s profit margin.


No matter how careful you are and how accurate your guidelines are, they won’t be any good if your employees aren’t completely aware about them. Make sure they fully understand the instructions. Assign leaders to delegate responsibilities when emergencies happen.

Implementing and educating your employees about workplace health and safety practices are essential for the wellbeing of the company and everyone involved. Accidents happen, but taking proper precautions to avoid them can save you from stress and other problems. Take an active approach in building a safe working environment and encouraging your employees to practice safe habits.

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New Mattress Laws


The mattress game just changed with an environmental turn. California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island passed mattress-recycling regulations in 2013, changing recycling fees, registration requirements, and how the entire process works. The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) helped push these states to make the necessary changes to their legislation, and they hope to do the same across the rest of the country.

bedThe timeline for implementation of these laws vary from state to state, with Connecticut leading the charge last July. Rhode Island and California are set to take on the changes around the same time next year. But, what do the changes actually entail, and are they practical for other states to adopt?

The first significant change concerns the registration requirements mattress retailers need to incorporate into their system. Mattress retailer actionwood.com from Salt Lake City said businesses will need to register basic information with the MRC, shifting the responsibility for end-of-life disposal from manufacturers to the council. Vice President of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), Chris Hidgins, says retailers can sign up for registration through the MRCs website.

Under the new scheme retailers and contract-sales, manufacturers need to collect a small fee for every mattress and foundation they sell. The collected fees, which are subject to tax, will serve as the funds for the recycling process each mattress will go through at the end of their life cycles. Online mattress shops are also not exempt from collecting the fee.

Retailers print these fees on the tab to ensure customers know exactly where their money is going. Many external factors may affect the MRCs effectiveness in delivering these services to certain states, such as the cost of labor, real estate, and transport.

The MRC is a non-profit so it needs to fulfill its obligations as efficiently as possible. The council will release annual reports on its activities, and risk liquidation of support if they fall short of their mandate. Recycling mattresses are a new phase in the green game that has many bumps ahead of it. Hopefully, the authorities can hammer the details, and create a system that’s beneficial for everyone involved.

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